Three-tiered Violet Ombre Cake

Cake is such essential item for any celebration that you could think of. Last month my sister asked for a three-tiered cake for the 6th anniversary-cum-grand-opening celebration of her music school. It’s a daunting task, for sure, equivalent to asking me to build a sky high tower especially when I have never done that before. But, the warrior in me answered bravely, “Yes, challenge accepted!”

After a month of testing and sourcing for ideas, I finally settled with a plan to “construct” a naked ombre cake with cream cheese frosting, and decorated with fresh berries and macarons. It was my first experience to bake using Betty Crocker Supermoist White Cake Mix. I followed the instructions on the packet entirely and added violet food colouring to create the ombre effect. The results? I was quite happy with the colour. However, the biggest problem with cake mix was that the cakes were extremely crumbly and fragile. Fortunately, I managed to pull off a colourful cake that was stable enough to last till the end of the opening ceremony. Phew! Thank God for the success!

A three-tiered violet ombre naked cake with cream cheese frosting




The cake was definitely not perfect, but I am grateful to complete this monumental task. It was a huge step forward in my baking journey.

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