Little bites at Mini One, Takashimaya

The first time I bought snacks from Mini One at Takashimaya, Singapore was about 3 years ago. I was so enticed by the dark brown mini caneles that were baked to perfection. However, now at Mini One Takashimaya, canele is no longer available there; and that is a disappointment for canele lovers. Nevertheless, Mini One continues to serve freshly baked snacks, and I bet you will get hooked to it once you start to have your first bite.

So today, I’ll introduce some of the little bites that you could possibly enjoy when you visit Takashimaya, Singapore next time.

This is the No. 1 Best Seller at Mini One. It is called Strawberry White Chocolate Mochi. Mochi is a Japanese rice cake; its elastic and chewy texture has captured the hearts of people, including the people in Singapore. But you may wonder, what’s so special about this mochi? It is baked! Yes, unlike the traditional mochi which is made by pounding cooked glutinous rice, the mochi at Mini One is baked in oven, hot and chewy.


As one of the best sellers of Mini One, these mini cheesecakes continue to wow customers. It is so tiny but amazingly packed with lemony and cheesy flavour. 
Although mini croissant is not among the top three best sellers of Mini One, do you know that Mini One started to gain popularity in Japan because of its mini croissants? This explains why a croissant is used as the logo for Mini One.  Some people think that their croissants are over-baked, but I just love the nice dark brown caramelisation so much. 
If you like sweet croissant, this chocolate croissant would be a right choice for you. Crispy on the outside, but moist with melted chocolate filling in the centre.
Mini One offers quite a number of yeast raised puff pastry products, and Danish pastry is one of them. This pastry is called the Aomori Apple Ribbon. It is a creative name, isn’t it?
They look like puff pastry cheese sticks, don’t they? But they are actually yeast raised puff pastry, with caramel and almond filling. They are best eaten warm, when they are still crispy. Under the humid climate in Singapore, the caramel nuts sticks would soften and become chewy if you keep them overnight. So, do remember to enjoy them while they are still fresh and warm.
An introduction to Mini One will never be complete without mentioning another top seller — cream puffs. When we talk about cream puff, most people will relate to the cream puff made of choux pastry. You will be completely surprised by Mini One’s cream puffs, because it is NOT choux pastry. Then, what is it? From the texture and appearance of the puff, it is flaky with layers that is very similar to the Danish or croissant. So, most probably it is made of yeast raised puff pastry. What do you think?

After trying all the little bites at Mini One, I immediately fell in love with their pastries and snacks. When I was in Hiroshima, Japan, two years ago, I also visited Mini One and had some caneles and mochi. The taste here in Singapore is comparable to the Mini One in Japan; therefore, a huge thumbs-up for such consistency in quality. Moreover, I admire the creativity of Mini One. For instance, baked mochi which is so unconventional, and cream puff that is not made of choux pastry.

Next time when you have a chance to visit Takashimaya, Singapore, do drop by Mini One and pick up some little snacks. They are small, but they are also mighty.


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