Matcha Basque Burnt Cheesecake

The popularity of basque burnt cheesecake has not faded. In fact, there are more and more varieties of burnt cheesecake coming up, such as chocolate, matcha, earl grey, purple sweet potato, and Oreo cookies; you name it. As a “matchaholic” myself, I decided to bake a matcha burnt cheesecake, with authentic matcha powder which I purchased from Japan.

Talking about matcha, some people may mistaken it with green tea powder; as least I was one of them who got confused before between matcha powder and green tea powder. Aren’t matcha and green tea powder the same? No, although both of them are derived from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis, they go through an entirely different planting and production process. One major difference is that matcha is made from shade-grown plant, while green tea is not grown in shade. The production of matcha powder is immensely laborious as well, and it requires an hour of milling to produce 30g of top grade matcha powder. It is no wonder that a ceremonial grade matcha powder is extremely expensive. You can also differentiate matcha powder from green tea powder visually. Matcha powder has a vibrant green colour, almost like neon green. On the other hand, green tea powder is slightly yellowish and murky.

So, know their differences and be wise while choosing matcha as a baking ingredient.

Here’s a video to show you how to bake a matcha burnt cheesecake:

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Ingredients (yield: one 6″ round cake)

  • Cream cheese 330g
  • Sugar 100g
  • Eggs 100g
  • Egg yolk 1 no.
  • Matcha powder 15g
  • Hot whipping cream 50g (for matcha powder)
  • Whipping cream 150g
  • Cake flour 10g


  1. Preheat oven at 200 degree Celsius.
  2. Prepare a 6″ round cake pan, and line with 2 layers of overlapping parchment paper. Make sure parchment comes at least 2″ above top of pan on all sides, because the parchment needs to be pleated and creased to fit in pan,
  3. In a small bowl, put in matcha powder. Pour 50g of hot whipping cream to the matcha powder. Mix to form a smooth matcha paste. Set aside.
  4. In a mixing bowl, beat cream cheese and sugar until smooth and creamy, and the sugar has dissolved.
  5. Add matcha paste to the cream cheese mixture. Mix well.
  6. Add egg in two to three additions to the cheese mixture. Mix well.
  7. Pour 150g whipping cream to the cheese mixture and mix well.
  8. Add in sifted cake flour. Mix until well combined.
  9. Bake at 200C for 45 – 50 minutes, until the top is very brown but the centre is still jiggly.
  10. Remove the cheesecake from cake pan. Let it cool down.
  11. Chill in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours.

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