Matcha and Mochi Bread

If someone were to ask me what is my favourite colour, I will surely say “Green!” In fact, I just realised there are countless of beautiful names for various shades of green. For instance, emerald, mint, lime, jade, olive, asparagus, moss, basil, teal, juniper, army, chartreuse, pistachio, jungle, and the list can go on and on. Suppose a new shade of green could be added to the list, I would definitely put “matcha green” because of my love for matcha, a Japanese green tea.

When paired up with red ingredients, the resulting colour will be utterly aesthetically appealing. Imagine having green matcha cake with red strawberries, or a matcha green tea bread with ruby red cranberry bits. The contrasting colours just make them look delectable. In this recipe for matcha and mochi bread, green is the main colour, while tiny bits of red, orange, yellow and white are scattered around, creating a vivid looking bread.

Now, let me share with you the detailed steps to make matcha and mochi bread. Enjoy and appreciate the vibrant colours.


(A) Bread dough

  • Bread flour 230g
  • Cake flour 15g
  • Salt 1/4 tsp
  • Sugar 40g
  • Matcha powder (or green tea powder) 10g
  • Instant dried yeast 1/2 tsp
  • Egg 1 no. (~ 55g)
  • Milk 120g – 130g
  • Butter 40g

(B) Mochi dough

  • Glutinous rice flour 70g
  • Corn flour 20g
  • Sugar 20g
  • Milk 120g
  • Butter 15g

(C) Filling

  • Dried cranberry, as needed
  • Pistachio, as needed
  • Yuzu peel, as needed


  1. To make the mochi dough: Combine glutinous rice flour, corn flour and sugar in a mixing bowl. Stir to mix the ingredients.
  2. Add in milk and mix well.
  3. Pass the batter through a sieve. Cover the batter with plastic film. Use a knife to pierce a few holes on the plastic wrap before steaming.

4. Steam under high heat for about 15 minutes. Once the mochi dough is out from the steamer, mix in the butter.

5. Let the dough cool down slightly. Then, knead to form a smooth dough. (Note: please wear a pair of gloves when kneading the sticky mochi dough.)

6. Wrap and let it cool down completely before use. img_2392 7. To make the bread dough: In a mixing bowl, put in bread flour, cake flour, matcha powder, yeast, sugar and salt. Then, add in egg and milk. (Note: you may need more milk or less milk depending on the hydration of your bread dough.)

8. Mix and knead the dough, so that it forms a ball that clears the sides of the mixing bowl.

9. Add in softened butter. Continue to knead until the dough is smooth and elastic.

10. Round the dough. Cover it with a damp cloth or plastic film and let it rise for about an hour at room temperature (~ 28 C).

11. When the bread dough has been rested for an hour, punch down to release large air pockets. Divide the dough equally into three portions. Pre-shape them into rectangular blocks, and let rest for another 10 minutes.

12. Meanwhile, divide the mochi dough into three as well.

13. Take a portion of the bread dough. Flatten and roll it out into oblong shape. Roll out the mochi dough as well, but smaller in size than the bread dough. 

14. Stack to overlay the mochi dough on top of the bread dough. Scatter some dried cranberries, pistachio and yuzu peel, or dried fruits and nuts of your choice on the mochi.

15. Roll up the dough and seal the edges tightly. Place them on baking tray, with the seam-side facing down. Proof at about 28C for an hour, or until the bread almost double in size.

16. 20 minutes before the proofing is completed, start to preheat the oven at 200 degree Celcius.

17. Just before baking, dust bread with bread flour, and score with a blade to form patterns on the bread.

18. Bake for 10 minutes, and then cover with aluminium foil to prevent the top from over browning. Bake for another 10 minutes more.

19. Transfer to cooling rack and let cool completely before slicing and serving.

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