Sweet Potato Pound CAke

It’s not uncommon for bakers to use tubers or root vegetables, such as carrot, beetroot, and potatoes, for baking bread and cakes. This is especially so in our Asian food culture which I grew up with. In fact, do you know that during the Japanese Occupation in World War II, when food was extremely scarce, people in the Malaya and Singapore survived hardship mostly on sweet potato or tapioca as staple food, instead of rice? Therefore, it is no wonder that the older generation here often associates sweet potato as the poor people’s food. However, with the rise of health consciousness and research, sweet potato now has earned the name “superfood”.

Since I was a kid, my mum often cooked sweet potato 🍠 soup as dessert. Unlike the western thick creamy sweet potato soup which uses sweet potato puree, traditional Chinese sweet potato soup comprises small chunks of sweet potatoes cooked in clear sweet soup with a touch of ginger. It was always warming and soul satisfying when I had a hot bowl of sweet potato soup in my hands. Sometimes, different types and colours of sweet potato are cooked together resulting in a pot of colourful yummy medley.

Today, I baked a simple pound cake with sweet potato cubes added to it, which means more nutritious and it contains higher dietary fibre. If you don’t like sweet potato, just omit it. The pound cake itself would be very nice on its own as well.

Ingredients: (yield: 1 loaf)

  • Butter 100g, softened at room temperature
  • Salt a pinch
  • Sugar 80g
  • Whole egg 110g, room temperature
  • Cake flour 115g
  • Baking powder 4g
  • Milk 38g
  • Cream 30g
  • Sweet potato 200g
  • Honey 15g
  • Black sesame, as needed


  1. Peel sweet potato and cut into cubes.
  2. Cover bowl of sweet potatoes with a cling film, and cook them in microwave oven for 4 – 5 minutes on high power until soft. You can also steam the sweet potatoes.
  3. Add honey to sweet potatoes. Toss to coat.
  4. Preheat oven at 190 degree Celsius. Prepare a loaf pan of around this size: 17cm X 8cm X 5.5cm, and line with parchment paper.
  5. Cream softened butter, salt and sugar until light and fluffy. Scrape the side and bottom of mixing bowl occasionally to ensure even mixing.
  6. Add eggs in 3 – 4 additions. Ensure eggs are well combined and absorbed before the next addition.
  7. Sift cake flour and baking powder together. Fold in flour to butter mixture until just combined.
  8. Add milk and cream. Mix well.
  9. Add 3/4 of sweet potatoes to cake batter. Leave some sweet potatoes for topping later.
  10. Transfer cake batter to the loaf pan prepared earlier.
  11. Scatter the remaining sweet potatoes on top and sprinkle some black sesame.
  12. Bake at 190 degree Celsius for 45 minutes or until skewer inserted at the centre of cake comes out clean.
  13. Remove cake from loaf pan once it is out from the oven. Let it cool down completely on a wire rack before serving.
  14. Store at room temperature and consumed within 2 – 3 days.
Little chunks of sweet potatoes in the pound cake

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