Buttercup Singapore: All-time Favourite Bandung Cupcakes


“Ondeh-Ondeh Pandan Cake 🎂
~ Unique & Taste Great ! 👍🏼” — Gan Bee Hongkuih talam cake

“The cake was yummy and very creative. I never expected kueh talam could work so well with mango and pandan. My family love it! Thanks so much for making a cake for my family, which they have never tried before in other bakery shop.” — Li Cheng

“The best alcoholic chocolate cake that I have ever tried! The chocolate martini is so delicious, what a perfect match between chocolate and vodka. The pandan chiffon cake is so nice! I like it because it is made of freshly squeezed natural pandan juice. Well done!” — Kar Wei

“2nd time bought it. The taste is still the best Pandan cake in Sg. Not too sweet and just nice for our dessert.” — Darren Teoh

“Kar Lin’s pandan cake taste really natural. No fake essence used… the cake is moist with bits of coconut and its not too sweet.. worth every calorie… 😁 ” — Wendy Lai

“The pandan chiffon was awesome! The texture of the cake was just right with bits of coconut. Moist and soft. The taste of pandan and coconut was well mixed. My family and i love it! Much better than Bengawan Solo’s. Will definitely order more in future! 👍” — Fangyi Soh


“Ordered the Earl Grey Lychee cake for a birthday and it was a hit! Just the right sweetness and flavour, thumbs up!” — Luke Lee, Dine Inn


Thanks for trying my matcha marble pound cake recipe 🙂

I baked tofu chiffon cake and matcha soy milk chiffon cupcakes using NutriSoy soy milk.

Thank you for the review on my signature bake — Tofu Chiffon Cake 🙂